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The porch is the first scene in the home, and it is also the place that leaves the first impression to the guests. Therefore, we must pay attention to the design. Especially for the porch design of small houses, we should focus on practicality. Take a look at the several porch shoe cabinet designs collected by the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network below, which are very practical. Let's work together to give advice on the design of your home porch cabinet, so that you can show it in front of the door of shumeizhi home

the floor made of marble is very ethnic, and the carpet is very characteristic. The background wall and storage cabinet made of solid wood also bring a strong heart naturally into the home. A large number of lattice porch shoe cabinets are the highlight of this porch. The corner porch cabinet gives people a very serious feeling, but the decoration above simply adds a little flavor of national personality to this corner. The curved porch cabinet with many lattices and carpets are also very good. Such a space is not only brilliant in practicality

the whole space is dominated by fresh colors, coupled with a dark door, forming a sharp contrast, which also makes the design of the porch very personalized. The porch shoe cabinet composed of many open or closed porch grids is a good highlight of this porch. The open and closed design provides two functions: decoration and storage, which provides a good place for both green plants and sundries in the home. It is just designed at the corner, so that the use of space can be more reasonable

for the decoration of small houses, it is not necessary to buy the overall storage cabinet of large pieces when choosing furniture. If the space is relatively small, there will be a sense of disharmony, so you can choose such a small piece of furniture with single matching. In this porch design, the porch cabinet is simple and small. The porch stool and shelf design, although small pieces of furniture, provide a good storage function, which can not be ignored

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