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The corridor sounds familiar, but it is often ignored by everyone when decorating. The corridor plays a connecting role in the home. If the decoration is not good, it will directly affect the effect of the whole home. Next, the editor will share some knowledge of home corridor decoration and design considerations

corridor plane position

1. The corridor is difficult to become auspicious in terms of home appearance, but it may also become auspicious in terms of ventilation and shading in the East, Southeast, South and southwest corridors

2. Other directions are difficult to become auspicious. The worst thing is that the corridor separates the house into two

3. If only the moving line of people is considered, the focus of corridor reconstruction is not to exceed 2/3 of the length of the house

home corridor design considerations

1. The corridor should be shiny

for some units with a slightly larger area, a small corridor will be formed between rooms. Of course, if the area is larger, the corridor will be larger and longer. The corridor outside the door should be bright, so the light must be on for 24 hours, because the corridor in front of the door is too dark, which brings many inconveniences to life and is not conducive to the work of family members. The corridor inside the house should also be bright, not too dark, otherwise, it is not conducive to the luck of the family

2. The corridor ceiling should be made into a false ceiling

there are beams in the small corridor, which can be resolved by making a false ceiling in the corridor. Otherwise, it will be unsightly, and it will also make people feel oppressive psychologically, and there will inevitably be resistance to family work. The false ceiling can be divided into many kinds. The edge formwork can be set near the wall, the lamp tube can be set, and the spotlight can be set below; In addition, you can also make low wood decoration

3. Do not put sharp tools in the ceiling cabinet in the corridor

in order to save space, many homeowners make a fake ceiling in the small corridor of the house, and a cabinet on the ceiling, which is used as a locker. Although this is conducive to the storage of home, we should pay attention to the items placed in the locker. You can choose to put some quilts, seasonal clothes, etc. However, it is not suitable to place sharp tools and electrical appliances on it, which will cause unnecessary injury on one side, and the sharp tools are placed on the top of the head, because the sharp tools placed in the ceiling cabinet are mainly used for bloody disasters, car accidents, operations, etc., which are very detrimental to the health of the family

4. The corridor lighting should not be colorful

the home corridor should not be too dark, which will affect the fate of residents. Therefore, when the light in the corridor is insufficient, many people will set up some lamps on the top of the corridor to ensure sufficient light in the corridor. However, when setting corridor lighting, we should pay attention to avoid installing colorful tubes and try to choose tubes with soft light

the above is the relevant knowledge of home corridor design. I hope you will pay more attention to corridor design during home decoration




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