How to choose and configure faucets

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How to choose and configure faucets

1, use functions and structural features

at present, there are all kinds of faucet products suitable for household use on the market. However, no matter how many kinds there are, it can be roughly distinguished from two aspects. In terms of the use function, it can be divided into three types: bathtub faucet, basin faucet and kitchen faucet. The ideal and effect can be achieved through different configurations of personal preferences. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into three types: ceramic valve core single handle water nozzle, 90 ° switch water nozzle and spiral lifting rubber water nozzle. The first two types of products use the specially processed plane of industrial ceramics to open and close the water source. The latter kind of products have the trend of being phased out in the current market. The key is that the first two types of products have the advantages of convenient and flexible operation, and are the most popular in the existing product structure. At the same time, there are also imported products with automatic temperature adjustment after setting and products with photosensitive or infrared control to turn on and off the water source

2. Selection of nozzle surface and its coating

it has been introduced before that there are many kinds of surface coating of current faucet products, and the focus of selection is to match the overall indoor decoration according to the personal preferences and requirements of consumers. It is suggested that consumers choose products that are more mature in processing technology, that is, bright chromium, which is commonly used, that is, products we usually call "cromi". The process has accumulated experience for decades, and the quality is relatively reliable

3. Identification of nozzle quality

when turning or pulling the handle, it should be light and flexible without jamming feeling. Generally, the water faucet with jamming feeling has more or less quality problems, or it is improperly assembled or debugged, and some may even be assembled from inferior parts

usually, the water nozzle cannot identify whether there is leakage before connecting the water source, but basically, the purpose can be achieved by checking whether the connecting parts are loose. Because this looseness may be the direct cause of water nozzle leakage

people generally don't like products with obvious defects on the surface, and faucets are no exception. Therefore, attention should be paid to whether there are burrs and scorching points on the surface of the nozzle due to poor electroplating quality, no coating on some parts, and whether there are small holes and spots due to poor casting quality

in order to protect their reputation, most enterprises will mark clear and reliable marks on products and their packages. However, some enterprises with poor reputation or doubts cannot and are unwilling to mark clear and reliable marks on their products and related packages. Users are advised not to buy such products, even if they are extremely cheap

4. Price positioning

among the groups with more reasonable product prices: the price of three piece set of single handle mixed faucet products is about 1200-1800 yuan; Secondly, the price of the three piece set of 90 ° switch hybrid faucet products is about 600-1000 yuan; The price of a three piece set of spiral rising rubber sealing faucets is about 400-500 yuan

in actual purchase, we should focus on convenient use and reliable performance. It should be said that the prices of the above three domestic products are generally affordable to consumers

in short, products with reliable quality, good corporate reputation and responsible after-sales service are the preferred products for consumers. The price of products is not enough to reflect the actual situation. For example, the price of some counterfeit or inferior products may be higher than that of normal products or only account for 60% or 70% of normal products, or even lower. Generally, the technical index data of the products of enterprises responsible for users and their own reputation can meet or exceed the relevant standards. Otherwise, there may be a big gap





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