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Recently, I bought a new house, consulted feng shui masters and consulted a lot of relevant information about Feng Shui during decoration. The whole house decoration is not only suitable for room design, but also gathered good feng shui; Now let's talk about my feelings about decoration Feng Shui when decorating the house, so that everyone can get good feng shui in the future

the front door of my house is facing the balcony. The geomantic omen explained that according to the records of ancient books, entering the front door leads directly to the balcony through the dining room and living room. It belongs to "upper and lower class", which dissipates gas and does not gather money. Therefore, in a suitable position between the dining room and the living room, a wooden impermeable screen with the same width as the door is set facing the door. It is better to stand the screen to the top of the ceiling, which helps the air flow reverberate. The positions of Jiacai, Wenchang and Jiwei are where it is suggested to set up screens and fish tanks

the north wall is the kitchen layout. The stove sits north and south. The water level is on the right-hand side of the stove, which makes it easier to use water, implying that you can get rich and get rich quickly

the layout of dining room and living room is ideal to sit north and South; The desk is on the south wall of the room. Entry is beneficial to study at the desk; It is unlucky if the bed is behind the balcony and faces west. The bed head is best placed near the center of the north wall of the room. It's best for people to sit north and south

the head of the bed should be close to the west wall of the room, and the desk should sit from west to East, which means "Purple air comes from east", which helps the residents step up

because facing west belongs to the position of returning to Yin, in terms of the master bedroom, the toilet door of the master bedroom should face west. The bed should be near the north wall. If the bed is behind the bathroom, it will be affected. You can buy five emperors' coins in antique stores or cultural relics stores, and put the bronze coins of the five emperors Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing into the red Lishi seal. In order to make them beautiful, they can be covered with a red brocade bag and hung in the center of the north wall behind the head of the bed. This can dissolve the beneficial magnetic field impact of the bed by the toilet, which is good luck

in addition, it is not suitable to put too many mirrors in the bedroom, even if the mirrors are not directly facing the bed. The most ideal is to install a mirror inside the door of the wardrobe. In this case, you can't see the mirror at ordinary times, but when you want to wear clothes and dress up, you can open the door of the wardrobe to have a mirror available

the above is my correction of the internal layout of the room from the perspective of decoration Feng Shui when I was decorating the house. I hope it can help you

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many people like to put some mascots at home, which are not only beautiful, but also hope to draw good luck and bring good luck. However, the arrangement of mascots is also exquisite in geomantic omen. If they are misplaced, not only will they not bring good luck, but also may cause trouble

generally speaking, some animals such as peacocks and horses are arranged in the home, which means "peacocks open the screen" and "success in a horse". Who doesn't want such a good idea? Of course, when choosing, you should choose lifelike ones. If the peacock doesn't open the screen and the horse is depressed, don't buy them

if celebrity calligraphy and paintings are displayed, those calligraphy and paintings must choose some lively, happy and suitable for their own identity before they can be hung. Sad words or Xiao Sha's pictures should not be hung

as for products, ox horn is suitable for highly competitive industries. Vicious decorations such as animal head, turtle shell and giant folding fan are not suitable for every family, so we should pay attention to them

in addition, many people like to collect swords and other items. In fact, swords are mostly used to block disasters and evil spirits in Feng Shui. If there is no evil spirit, they do not necessarily need to be placed. Of course, it's not necessary to display as a collection, but it should be noted that the sword is best not bladed, otherwise it is easy to cause bloodshed. If the blade has been cut, it must be placed in the sheath or brocade box, and the blade must not be exposed

some people like to display Buddha statues, mainly to ward off evil spirits. If their career is unsuccessful, they are in low spirits, have poor appetite, etc., they place Buddha statues with Buddha's blessing, and have psychological sustenance, which is easy to achieve good results. Of course, some people put three stars of fortune, wealth and longevity to add auspiciousness. However, it must be kept clean and must not be allowed to be dusty, otherwise it will give people a sense of decline

plants are also quite particular about feng shui. Generally speaking, broad-leaved evergreen plants are suitable for placing at home. At the same time, prickly plants such as cacti are mostly used to dissolve evil spirits or absorb the radiation of computers and TVs. At the same time, it is best not to place ferns with heavy Yin Qi

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