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Survey on the quality of customer service call centers of 18 banks: according to the survey of Niu Yalin, the most difficult person of Everbright Bank, the intern of investor daily, the top three in terms of convenience of important functions are Everbright, CITIC, ICBC and Bohai; Minsheng, Hengfeng and Zheshang ranked top three in connection speed scores; The top three in terms of professional scores are industrial bank, Bank of communications, Agricultural Bank of China and China Merchants Bank. How many people want to ask a simple question, but they are helpless in front of the customer service waiting or advertising voice of the bank. If you encounter such a more anxious thing as loss reporting, it is more important for the bank customer service to be unblocked

the investor Daily has maintained its attention to this issue. On the basis of the previous two annual surveys, this year it conducted this survey on banks and expanded its scope. On the basis of the past 14 national large and medium-sized banks, it added 3 joint-stock commercial banks, covering 18 major banks

this year's survey mainly assesses five indicators: important function location, manual connection speed, whether there is advertising, whether the manual service is professional, whether there are 800, 400 and service satisfaction survey options, and gives weights of 50%, 25%, 10%, 10% and 5% respectively according to the impact on customer experience, so as to obtain the total score of bank customer service

the survey shows that the top three in terms of convenience of important functions are Everbright, CITIC, ICBC and Bohai; In terms of connection speed, Minsheng, Hengfeng and Zheshang are the top three; In terms of specialty, the top three are industrial bank, Bank of communications, Agricultural Bank of China and China Merchants Bank

on the whole, CITIC, China Construction Bank and Bank of Communications (3.73, 0.00, 0.00%) reached the top three. Compared with the previous survey conducted by investor daily, the failing CITIC Bank (4.92, -0.01, -0.20%) rose four places to the top, and China Construction Bank (3.99, 0.02, 0.50%) advanced one place to the second place. The biggest progress was made by Bank of communications, which jumped from the original 13 to Tanhua

loss reporting and manual keys are the most important

the convenience of important functions mainly focuses on the loss reporting function location and manual service location. There are two criteria for position evaluation: level and key sequence. Level gets 20% of the total score, while the key sequence of loss reporting and manual service gets 20% and 10% of the weight respectively in the same level. The sum of these items accounts for 50% of the weight

that is to say, in the rating of the investor daily, the vital needs of the people are the most important, and half of the scores are given to the loss reporting and manual service settings. Why? When a customer's bank card or passbook is lost, the top priority is to report the loss first. Most people will report the loss first. If the loss reporting button is placed in the front, the anxiety of the customer can be appropriately alleviated. Therefore, we believe that the more the loss reporting button is placed in the front, the higher the service score of the loss reporting function

therefore, if the loss reporting button is located on the first floor, you will get a full score of 10 points; if it is located on the second floor, you will get 5 points; if it is located on the third floor and later, you will get 0 point. The higher the key sequence is, the higher the score will be. If it is in the first key position, the full score will be 10 points, and if it is in the tenth key position, only 1 point will be obtained

according to the survey results, 14 of the 18 banks put the loss reporting function on the first floor of the prompt tone, only Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (9.73, -0.11, -1.12%), Minsheng Bank (7.84, 0.02, 0.26%) and Ping An Bank (11.17, -0.08, -0.71%) put the loss reporting function on the second floor, and Bank of China (2.62, 0.01, 0.38%) left the loss reporting function on the third floor

in terms of the key sequence of the loss reporting function, Ping An Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, big bank [Weibo] (2.48, 0.00, 0.00%) and Bank of China all put loss reporting first, taking the new energy vehicles with a range of 300 kilometers as an example. If it is a customer of Industrial Bank (10.03, -0.19, -1.86%), it must patiently hear the 7th key to enter the loss reporting procedure

in addition to loss reporting, the most important thing for customers is the location of manual service buttons. At present, all banks have set up self-service voice services, and even some banks have provided robot (47.500, -0.70, -1.45%) voice services, but manual services still win the favor of customers because of their quickness, effectiveness and authority

in the evaluation system, the evaluation method is the same as the setting of the loss reporting key of the new Tyvek cargo transportation thermal insulation hood recently launched by us, that is, if the level and position are higher, the score will be higher, otherwise the score will be lower

in the evaluation of this item, the level setting of 18 banks is consistent with the level setting of loss reporting. In terms of key sequence, Minsheng Bank, China Construction Bank and Zheshang Bank are the most considerate, and all put manual services in the first place. The postal savings bank scored the lowest, putting the manual service on the 10th key position, testing the patience limit of customers

on the whole, Everbright Bank scored the highest, CITIC, ICBC and Bohai bank ranked second, and Bank of China scored the lowest

Minsheng customer service only takes 1 second to connect.

when using the bank service, the pleasant prompt sound, beautiful music and sweet voice will make people feel relaxed and comfortable, but for customers who meet urgent problems, waiting for music for a long time will only make them feel more anxious; From an economic point of view, a long wait will also cost more calls, making people unhappy

in this evaluation, the evaluation is carried out according to the 10 point system, which is divided into five levels. If the manual service is connected for 20 seconds or less, the full score will be 10 points, 8 points for 20 seconds to 30 seconds (inclusive), 6 points for 30 seconds to 60 seconds (inclusive), 4 points for 1 minute to 3 minutes (inclusive), and only 2 points for more than 3 minutes

the banking industry has a service standard of 80%20 seconds. According to the survey results of investor daily, compared with previous surveys, most banks have reached this standard from the time when the manual key is pressed to the time when the bank customer service personnel start to answer

only Agricultural Bank of China (2.42, 0.01, 0.41%), Huaxia Bank (8.52, 0.05, 0.59%), China Merchants Bank (10.10, 0.03, 0.30%), Everbright Bank and Ping An Bank failed to meet the standard. Among them, the customer service of Everbright Bank is the most difficult. After waiting for 3 minutes and 33 seconds, I heard the voice of customer service personnel XXX serving you. The connection speed of China Merchants Bank is also very slow, and the waiting time is as long as 1 minute and 44 seconds

the fastest connection time is Minsheng Bank, which is only 1 second. Just press the manual service category key, it will be connected. The speed of several other banks is more than ten seconds

the three banks with the fastest manual service connection time are Minsheng, Hengfeng and Zheshang Bank, and the slower ones are Everbright, China Merchants and Ping An Bank, all of which take more than 1 minute

professional customer service performance of Societe Generale

in addition to the friendly interface and connection speed, the professionalism of customer service should also be considered within the bank's service level

the main purpose of calling the bank customer service center is to seek professional help. Many professional knowledge is difficult for ordinary users to know. Therefore, professionalism is also an important aspect of service quality inspection. For routine questions, customer service should be able to answer them accurately and quickly

put forward five questions about the common situations of debit card loss, credit card handling and financial products. 10 points for each question. The one with a short and clear answer will get a high score, and the last one will get an average score

from the answers obtained, the customer service personnel of each bank have different answers to different questions, which is generally unsatisfactory

on the simple question of how to report the loss of my bank card even if I lost my card number, all the bank customer service gave the correct answer

as for how to handle credit cards, Hengfeng, Bohai and Zheshang banks have not opened credit cards, so they are not included; However, the credit card special line of Minsheng Bank is only provided to customers who hold their credit cards, and the debit card customer service cannot give an answer, which brings great inconvenience to their potential customers. The other 14 banks all performed well, but there were differences in detail

when proposing how to convert the annualized rate of return that general financial customers are concerned about into actual income, most of the customer service can clearly tell the conversion formula, but the customer service performance of Zheshang Bank is slightly inferior, and they forget to multiply the reminder by the actual investment days. What's more, the customer service of Guangfa and the postal savings bank was completely ignorant and did not mention anything about the formula

what financial products are currently on sale in the bank? How to handle it? On this difficult problem of communication, the customer service staff of most banks performed well, asked about their needs, and recommended financial products according to their needs. Only the customer service staff of Everbright Bank, Ping An Bank and postal savings bank told us after asking questions that they should go to the bank page by themselves

on the issue of the difference between bank financial products and funds, the customer service performance of each bank is mixed. Among them, the customer service of Industrial Bank and Bank of communications talked about most of the differences, while the customer service of Hengfeng and other five banks is slightly weak

the final result shows that the highest score is industrial bank, followed by Bank of communications, Agricultural Bank of China and China Merchants Bank. Among them, the customer service personnel of Industrial Bank impressed the most. They not only had a warm and sincere attitude, but also answered very quickly. There are not many customer service personnel who often need to query the computer, and they are very detailed and accurate. When consulting the financial products on sale and the purchase procedures, the other party took great pains to query the qualified products and made a detailed introduction to the whole purchase process. In terms of the answer to the question of what is the difference between bank financial products and funds, the customer service of Societe Generale has obviously done a good job, giving answers from the aspects of product nature, risk, purchase approach and initial purchase amount, which is very eye-catching

most of them have not set advertisements

at present, except Guangfa bank [Weibo] and Hengfeng bank, which use customer service starting with 400, the other 16 banks use 5-digit cornets as customer service. Although such short numbers are short and easy to remember, they all require customers to pay for their own calls. Although with the improvement of people's living standards, few people will care about this fee, after all, customer service is an after-sales service for most banks that have begun to commercialize production. It is also a kind of attention to customers to be able to share a part of the phone bill

400 refers to the shared payment service between the caller and the callee carried out by the call provider. The caller pays the city call fee, and the long-distance call fee is borne by the callee. Both the and the fixed can be the caller; 800 is called pay, commonly known as free. It is a service form of centralized payment by the called enterprise. Its deficiency is that it cannot be called. Generally speaking, it is more convenient for customers to enjoy the services provided by the bank

after dialing the customer service of each bank, I learned that except for Zheshang Bank and Ping An Bank, the other 16 banks have 400 numbers, and even fewer have 800 numbers, only CCB, SPD and ABC

although most banks provide 400 numbers, this seemingly beautiful lunch is not available to everyone. Most banks only provide 400 numbers to credit card customers, and some are also provided to VIP card customers. The 800 number is only provided to platinum card customers. Therefore, although this item was investigated, we gave a lower weight in the total score

compared with three years ago

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