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Qudaokui, President of Xinsong: industrial status of China's industrial robots and the future of robots

2018 World Conference was held in Beijing from August 15 to 18. As a professional media in the industrial field, Zhihui industry participated in the media group visit to Qu Daokui, founder and President of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. As a leading enterprise in China's robot industry, Xinsong has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the innovation and development of the industry. Mr. Qu Daokui, founder of Xinsong, has a unique understanding of China's robot industry. In this interview, Qu Daokui answered questions about China's current situation and future, the impact of the Sino US trade war on China's robot industry, the development of China's core components and the future of service robots

1. As a representative robot manufacturer in China, what are the reasons for the rapid growth of Xinsong company? As a Chinese robot manufacturer, what are his international competitive advantages and strengths

as a leading enterprise of Chinese robots, Xinsong has a short history in fact. After more than ten years, it has developed into a robot product series. We should be the most comprehensive company in the world, including industrial robots, mobile robots, chip manufacturing and photovoltaic

we call them services, such as, health, education, elderly care, etc., which are the most comprehensive in the global robot enterprises. Most companies are still concentrated in the arm and manipulator. In addition, after more than ten years of development, Xinsong is now also a listed enterprise in the world, and we also rank among the top three in terms of market value. There are several factors:

Xinsong is an innovation driven company first. It was established after Xinsong came out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Therefore, it can be said that we are equivalent to the earliest company called mass entrepreneurship and innovation in China more than ten years ago, which was called innovation and entrepreneurship. At that time, we were more than 20 people, researchers The professor came out to set up such a company, so his gene was innovation and R & D from the beginning. Up to now, we have more than 3400 innovation personnel. Our R & D institutions include both domestic and foreign R & D centers, which are divided into different R & D centers. Therefore, innovation and R & D have always been a very core competitiveness of Xinsong

the development of Chacha robot in recent ten years is also in a generation of continuous technological breakthroughs and iterations. The innovation advantage of Xinsong coincides with the law of robot development and the characteristics of the times. If we say that the robot developed in the first 30 years, its innovation is relatively not so fast, its iteration is not so fast, and it does not need so strong innovation ability. But now we know that the robot sees the exhibition and knows that new technologies and products may appear almost every half a year, and different new products must come out every year or two years. Therefore, the rapid development of the robot now needs strong innovation support, This is our specialty, which is a very important factor. Our innovation ability coincides with the rapid iteration of robot technology and the rapid update of products in recent years

the second factor is that China has entered a stage of rapid economic development since 2000. In addition, China's entire industry has been restructured and upgraded. In the past 20 years or so, foreign enterprises have fully entered China, and China has become a global manufacturing center. On the one hand, the transformation and upgrading of China's own industries need new technical support. On the other hand, foreign enterprises, especially the world's top 500, entering China, need a new manufacturing model to support. Just under this background, robotics, automation equipment, sets, intelligence, etc. are in line with the transformation and upgrading of large industries and the background of the times. Therefore, since its establishment in 2000, Xinsong has been supported by a large background of China's rapid development, providing us with a broad market space and supporting the rapid development of the industry

on the one hand, we say that technology itself is our innovation. On the other hand, technology alone can not develop without a market. Just as you can trace back, the past decade or so has witnessed the rapid development of China's industry and economy, and more importantly, the transformation and upgrading of the industry. It is labor-intensive and low-cost, including the rigid and mass production in the past. Now the era of intelligence, customization and personalization just provides a broad market for the development of robots

since 2013, in fact, China has become the largest robot market in the world. Only after five consecutive years of compound growth can it be selected as a large growth rate of more than 30%, so I say this provides a very strong opportunity for the development of China's entire robot industry. Before 2013, China's robot market or robot industry was marginalized in the world, and no one paid any attention to you. Our market may not be as good as a small country in Southeast Asia. However, in 2013, China became the world's largest market for five consecutive years. Last year, the growth rate in 2017 was even higher, up to 70%. In addition, China's robot market accounts for one third of the global total. The development of an industry cannot be separated from the support of the big background behind it. Therefore, the development of Xinsong is just in this era, and these factors coincide. In addition, as the leader of the industry, Xinsong now has rapid growth and development under this great opportunity. Up to now, nearly two-thirds of the products of Xinsong have been exported to more than 32 countries, including North America, the European Union and Southeast Asia

why can Xinsong go out? Many of the top 500 companies, including general motors and Ford, are global customers of Xinsong. Xinsong doesn't go out because its products are cheap. It has nothing to do with that. We have solved the big needs of enterprises first in technology, because the biggest difference between robots and traditional products is that it is absolutely impossible to compete at low cost, or low price. First of all, it is necessary to solve his technical needs and meet his functions, performance and reliability. This is a major premise. If you deny giving him the robot for nothing, he will not want you. The reason is that after the whole production line and production process are down for your reasons, his losses will be greater. Xinsong has a strong innovation ability, which solves the special needs of many enterprises, that is, our selling point

second, Xinsong's products all have their own IP. This is very rare. Many Chinese enterprises, whether they are products going out, sometimes when we participate in some large international exhibitions, the customs may have been withheld before they go out. Many of the boxes at the exhibition are not allowed to be unpacked, and they are directly sealed there. Why? Foreign companies sue you for infringement. Many such things have happened in China, but the biggest advantage of Xinsong is that we all have independent IP for all technologies and products, so why the world is unimpeded is very critical. Xinsong has invention patents, so I think this is also a big feature of us

third, Xinsong accounts for two-thirds of its domestic customers are foreign-funded and foreign-funded enterprises, and has established a very good cooperative relationship with their foreign-funded enterprises. Many of these foreign-funded enterprises are globalized. Therefore, through them, these enterprises in China are now going to different countries in the world. Through this bridge, they have now sold a lot of products. So in the past, China usually exports through low prices, but this problem does not exist in the robot industry

2. At present, given the current situation of trade frictions between China and the United States, will it affect the progress of our enterprises' export of industrial robots, including some cooperation in R & D and international cooperation

from the current general trend, including Vice Premier Liu yesterday and Minister Xin today, we are talking about the future trend of global cooperation and coordination. At present, the basic conditions for cooperation and collaboration are the implementation of global networking and digitalization, or the distance and time around the world are almost zero. In the past, due to geographical differences, it was difficult to think about global cooperation and collaboration. But now it doesn't matter in the United States or in North America through various contacts. If you want to fight, you can get through there immediately. Now we are engaged in collaborative design of networks. Therefore, digitalization and networking have realized a global interconnection and realized global resource complementarity, collaboration, collaboration and integration. This basic hardware condition is available

from the perspective of development, it is impossible for any country, region or enterprise to complete the industrial chain by itself. You must be your own long board to achieve win-win and multi win through social support and cooperation. Therefore, China is now not only in the field of robots, but also in all fields. 1 now we have been emphasizing the world, especially the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, which General Secretary Xi is talking about, It is a major trend for us to work together to promote the progress and development of the entire human society

in addition, from the perspective of the trend, the future is still an era of collaboration, confrontation, etc. this may be a short time. From the perspective of the trend, we emphasize cooperation and win-win. In addition, many scientists and entrepreneurs from Europe, Japan, South Korea and North America also came to the world robot conference, and we are still a platform for cooperation and win-win. This is also what China has been advocating. From the perspective of the development of robots, because robots are a multi-disciplinary, multi domain and collaborative platform, it is more necessary for different R & D institutions, enterprises, or other industries in the world to work together to actually promote the development of the entire technology and industry of robots, which is beneficial to all parties and countries

3. We know that compared with the consumer service industry, the industrial robot industry has a relatively small space. I would like to know how Xinsong catches up with and surpasses the industrial robot industry and increases its global market share

in fact, up to now, the development of robots has really entered the market. It is still industrial robots that really play a major role in the national economy. In fact, the threshold and gate of service robots have just begun. In terms of technology and industrial development, their future path is very long. Although from the perspective of future prospects, service robots are called "no ceiling" because they enter the consumer field, But at least in the present or the next ten or eight years, industrial robots actually occupy a unique position and play a major role in the manufacturing industry

Xinsong started as an industrial robot. We came from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Robot brain is our strong point. We are independent in control system, software, hardware, language system and programming. So why does Xinsong say that our robot human has high precision, performance and reliability? A big chunk of our holdings

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