Quanzhou section of the hottest Fuzhou Xiamen rail

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Quanzhou section of Fuzhou Xiamen railway is expected to start construction at the end of the year. It was learned from Quanzhou Municipal Development and Planning Commission on June 8 that Quanzhou section of Fuzhou Xiamen railway has entered the stage of geological survey, and it is expected that the construction of parts that are easy to be damaged will be officially started at the end of this year. It is reported that the Quanzhou section of Fuzhou Xiamen railway is nearly 50 kilometers long with large experimental force and large diameter nylon rope. After completion, the distance between Quanzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen will be greatly shortened. According to the review, Fuzhou Xiamen railway will set up three stations in the city, that is, what is the reason for the slipping of the tester fixture? The new Hui'an station located in Hui'an County, the Quanzhou central station reconstructed and expanded from the existing Quanzhou railway station, and the Jinjiang station located in yaoqiong, Cizao Town, Jinjiang City. It is reported that the Fuzhou Xiamen railway is about 275 kilometers long, with a planned investment of 16.2 billion yuan, and is jointly funded by the Ministry of Railways and the Fujian provincial government. According to the design and planning, Fuzhou Xiamen railway is an inter city high-speed railway that integrates modern standards and environmental protection, with passenger transport as the main and freight as the auxiliary. According to the design and planning, the railway will pass through the central urban area. Therefore, in order to avoid noise disturbance to residents, the railway is elevated and equipped with sound shielding wall after passing through Pingshan road. At the same time, the track of this section will adopt seamless steel rails, and the speed limit will be implemented when entering and leaving Quanzhou station, so as to minimize the huge noise generated by train operation. It is understood that the Quanzhou station of Fuzhou Xiamen railway after completion is located near the existing Quanzhou railway station in the east of Fengze District. It will have 9 arrival departure tracks (including 3 main lines), 5 shunting tracks, 7 freight lines, 1 freight traction line, 1 main traction line, 7 pipelines for comprehensive maintenance section, 1 locomotive waiting line at Fuzhou end, etc. Quanzhou section of Fuzhou Xiamen railway is led out from the new Hui'an station, crosses the Luoyang River and connects to the existing Quanzhou station. After leaving the station, the line is close to the right side of the existing Quanzhou Xiamen expressway. After passing through Daping mountain tunnel, it bypasses Quanzhou agricultural school, crosses Jinjiang between National Highway 324 and expressway, and sets Jinjiang station in yaoqiong after passing Chidian

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