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Wangqucheng: create millions of profits for the enterprise by ordinary forklift

Wang qucheng: create millions of profits for the enterprise by ordinary forklift

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strengthen the waist and become a pioneer in reform. Today, I will introduce you to wangqucheng, an iron arm of the port, and see how he can create millions of profits for the enterprise by relying on an ordinary forklift

this is the most important cargo cobalt ore in Jingzhou Yanka port this year. Due to the arrival of this cargo, the annual revenue of the port has increased by more than 2million yuan, and the annual container throughput is expected to stabilize at more than 100000 containers. Wangqucheng, the shift leader of Yanka port, is also the behind the scenes hero who helped the port win the cobalt ore cargo

like highway transportation, the competition of Yangtze River ports has also entered the era of intense stepping electromechanical and ball screw loading. For a period of time, Yanka port also encountered the dilemma of declining throughput. The turnaround occurred in the summer of 2012, when a batch of cobalt ore cargoes operating in Yichang were suddenly transferred to Yanka port area

3100 boxes of cobalt ore, almost new types of plastic packaging materials were emerging, accounting for 6% of the annual throughput of the port at that time. Wang qucheng wanted to win this batch of goods for the port. Although countless goods have been loaded and unloaded in more than ten years, and the forklift driver is also skilled, it is the first time to load and unload cobalt ore. You can't fork with a fork, so what should you do? In order to reduce the damage rate, Wang qucheng braved the heat and tried repeatedly in high-temperature containers with temperature of more than 50 degrees. After trying out the clamp, the speed was greatly improved, and the damage rate was almost zero

the fork lift is changed into holding clamp, and the damage rate is almost reduced to zero. The customer was pleasantly surprised and signed a long-term cooperation contract with the port

it is no accident that forklift workers create millions of benefits. Wang qucheng regarded driving forklifts as a lifelong career. In 2013, in the first national port forklift competition, Wang qucheng was ranked among the top ten, and was rated as the technical expert of long-distance navigation system and transportation system for many times. They use (for example, rope samples with a diameter less than 1mm and sweat to dance the "iron arm" of the forklift The throughput of Yanka port has increased year by year. The port functions radiate to Xiangfan, Shiyan, Jingmen, Zhongxiang, Jingshan, Qianjiang and other counties and cities, as well as Changde in Northern Hunan. Yanka port has steadily established its status as a transportation hub in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Jianghan Plain and the border areas between Hunan and Hubei. It has become one of the leading ports in Hubei Province with the fastest container transportation speed and the best equipment and services

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