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Mike and his party from Allison company of the United States visited the big tooth company

Mike and his party from Allison company of the United States visited the big tooth company

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from May 17 to 19, the automatic testing of Allison company of the United States also reduced the probability of work mistakes due to boredom and fatigue when performing a large number of repeated tasks. Mike (Mr. Mike), senior vice president in charge of operation and procurement of Allison company Theresa (Ms. Theresa), the vice president in charge of purchasing, exiting inefficient production capacity and supplier quality, Greg (Mr. Greg), the executive director of global supply chain, Roger (Mr. Roger), the senior central manufacturing engineer, and a delegation of 13 people paid a three-day visit to the company. Zhu Ziquan, assistant to the president of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, LAN Junjie, general manager of the international business department, Li Fayou, deputy president of the automotive transmission institute and director of the gear research and development center, Wu Zhenghe, chairman of the gear company, Wen Zhong, general manager, and company leaders and relevant personnel attended the visiting meeting

Allison transmission company is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial automatic transmissions and hybrid power systems. The products are supported by more than 300 global leading vehicle manufacturers and are widely used in passenger cars, garbage trucks, emergency rescue vehicles, construction vehicles, distribution vehicles and other fields

the purpose of this visit of Allison company is to implement the spirit of the memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation signed between the chairman of the group company, Secretary Ma, and the chairman of Allison company, Mr. Lawrence duy, during the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The two sides discussed the possibility of localized production cooperation on Allison automatic transmission products in China, Continue to deepen the understanding and consensus between China National Heavy Truck Corporation and Allison Corporation of the United States on the development trend of China and even the global truck market, and make positive contributions to the development of China and the global commercial vehicle industry. Displacement resolution: 0.01mm

during the visit, Wu Zhenghe, chairman of the company, introduced the overall operation of the company after joining China National Heavy duty truck to Alison's visitors, and made a detailed description of the procurement system and quality control means. The senior leaders of both sides also had in-depth communication and reached a consensus on the cleanliness assurance of parts, quality control system and cost structure of parts, with a year-on-year decrease of 18.26%, which laid a good foundation for future cooperation

after the meeting, the general manager took the guests to visit the production site in the text. The guests of Allison spoke highly of the tidy and orderly production site, modern production equipment and perfect control means of the company

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