Miniaturization is the inevitable trend of embedde

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Miniaturization is the inevitable trend of embedded computing platforms

Weisheng electronics, a pioneer of low-power x86 processor platform, a leading manufacturer of IC chip design, personal computers, ultra mobile devices and embedded markets, recently participated in the four stops of the rtecc international embedded technology tour in China - Beijing (September 9), Shanghai (September 13), Shenzhen (September 16) Xi'an (September 20), received extensive attention from the audience

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Wang Sheng, business director of via embedded China, delivered a speech

miniaturization not only includes the miniaturization of size, but also includes the miniaturization of power consumption and pollution. It requires developers to comprehensively master and apply ultra-low power processor technology, core chip technology such as highly integrated systems and displays, multilayer circuit board design and heat dissipation technology, power management and core software design technology, As Wang Sheng, the business director of Weisheng embedded China, said in his keynote speech, miniaturization is the inevitable trend of embedded computing platforms, which is the objective requirement of the current ubiquitous joint application and mobile computing, and Weisheng happened to do it in the past decade

Weisheng embedded is the developer of mini itx, an open board standard. Since the publication of the reference design of the world's first mini itx motherboard in November 2001, mini itx has become a widely adopted standard by many motherboard and IPC manufacturers, but the product scheme of Weisheng's Mini itx motherboard is still the richest and most complete in the industry. In this rtecc embedded tour, we saw two new products: epia-m900, mini itx motherboard with via dual core nano x2 processor, which demonstrated the outstanding multimedia performance of playing four-way high-quality videos at the same time, which will develop and expand the advantageous rubber industry in Yunnan. The other is the mini itx motherboard specially optimized for kiosk applications. It is a derivative customization scheme of epia-m860 motherboard series. It upgrades the processor from the current nano single core to via nano x2 dual core 1.2g, and supports up to 10 COM ports. The power supply scheme is also available in DC or AC

demonstration of four-way video playback on via dual core M900 motherboard

as an advocate of miniaturization scheme, via embedded has also launched Pico itx (10cm x 7.2cm) ultra micro board type, which has the function of fuzzy query of experimental data. We found that at present, the product has a very rich variety of products, including low-power schemes with a whole board power consumption of less than 6.5 watts, and high-performance schemes with via dual core Eden x2 processor, There are no less than 7 products in 6 models in the whole series, and there are more derivative schemes of stackable design with the same size. During the tour, we also saw mainboards developed by other manufacturers using Pico itx board type. Does this indicate that Pico itx mainboard will become another innovative board type widely adopted by the industry after Mini itx

while pursuing the ultimate miniaturization, we also consider how to reduce the total cost for customers, so that customers can easily use the latest technology to achieve rapid product upgrading and launch on the market. For example, the four generations of processors sold by via are pin to pin compatible, from C7 to nano, to dual core nano X2, and the latest quad core processors. Zhou Jiang, the marketing manager of via embedded China, further added that the dual core processor version of the m860 motherboard series benefited from this humanized feature of via processors

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