Minimalism prevails in the hottest food packaging

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"Minimalism" prevails in food packaging. In the growing global market, food processing manufacturers need to use bags and other flexible packaging materials to package their products, including fresh and frozen vegetables, quick-frozen boneless poultry, rice, beans and other dried foods. They all hope to have an economic, safe and reliable high-speed packaging system, which is easy to operate and maintain, and records the measured hardness value automatically. Blueprintautomation, which designs and produces automatic packaging equipment, and sew eurodriveusa, which has always been committed to the design and production of drive systems. At present, Audi and other manufacturers use such products, and the company cooperates to meet the demand for automatic equipment in the food packaging market

the challenge is how to mechanically and electronically integrate this kind of equipment, which is economical, independent, self weight feeding, processing 300 bags per minute, small in size, and can be placed anywhere. The speed of machines that used to feed by self weight was much lower than 300 bags per minute. The goal of blueprintautomation and sew EURODRIVE cooperation is to produce a durable and reliable device that can be successfully used in both domestic and foreign markets, without requiring highly skilled or heavily trained field operators, control technicians or programmers. The mechanical structure of this equipment must be very simple, but it can make the machine run smoothly through a simple, easy to understand and operate control system. Finally, the machine must be low-cost and affordable for the food packaging industry. The key to judging the success of machine automation is to show real cost savings and directly reduce labor and maintenance costs

with the help of sew EURODRIVE, the revolving door packaging RP system produced by blueprintautomation is equipped with a minimum of electronic and mechanical components. RP packaging machine directly puts all kinds of packaged products into secondary packaging containers at the specified speed. The product is sent into RP through a conveyor belt. If it is low speed and only one bag is dropped at a time, the product is directly sent to the revolving door. For high-speed cases where multiple bags are dropped each time, there is a guide door to divide the products into a group and then enter the revolving door as a whole. Then, when the revolving door rotates, the whole row or layer of products will be directly put into the container. If necessary, containers can be formed in multiple rows or produced at a higher speed

with sew EURODRIVE's experience in control system and design drive, blueprintautomation can design a packaging system without using expensive PLC or cooperative controller. The technology used to realize the automation of this machine ranges from simple variable frequency drive technology to high-performance, closed-loop, AC brushless servo system

The mechanical and electronic products of sew EURODRIVE series together with the general programmable platform provide a one-stop service system. The drive system of RP includes movitrac07 non inductive vector, movidrivecompact, AC brushless servo system and movidrivecompactac closed loop 5 Built in large range CPLD programmable device vector drive. Its control system includes a brick shaped, DeviceNet compatible PLC and a single sew EURODRIVE ufd11adevicenet channel interface, through which eight sew EURODRIVE devices can be controlled through communication. The motion control system operates through the iops+ software application module integrated into the movidrive processor

the result was a great success. The use of Fieldbus interface and matched sew EURODRIVE electronic and mechanical components can not only reduce the cost of components, but also greatly reduce the time of wiring, drive optimization and program development. Moreover, the application of modular software design can also ensure that the program structure of all machines is the same

today, RP systems have been widely sold in the North American market, where great importance is attached to the simplicity of packaging machines and low maintenance costs, such as packaging frozen vegetables, boneless chicken, cookies and potato chips. The highly concise RP system can easily modify the configuration to adapt to the layout of any packaging operating system

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