Mingyu heavy industry wants to build an unmanned c

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Mingyu heavy industry wants to build an unmanned chemical plant

establish an unmanned workshop to realize full automation of production. Automatic production is the focus of Mingyu heavy industry's development now and in the future. Automation should be considered not only in processing, but also in cutting, welding and even assembly

the premium income of Shandong Mingyu Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., which accounts for 50% of China's small and medium-sized loader market, began to appear. Mr. Yi Xuehang, general manager of the shuffle company (hereinafter referred to as Mingyu heavy industry), said that just as the so-called automation wins the world, our ideal is to establish an unmanned chemical plant to realize full automation of production. And Emak helped us open this door and became a cornerstone on our way to realize this ideal

as one of the main types of small loader widely used in earthwork construction of highway, railway, hydropower, construction, port, mine and other construction projects, it plays a very important role in today's rapid development of urbanization in China. Mingyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and began to intervene in the small loader industry in 2006. With the rapid development of China's urbanization construction, the potential demand for small loaders is also increasing, but they are in the state of barbaric production by hand and experience. Yi Xuehang said that with the rapid development of the information age and the increasingly serious aging of China's population, automation has become a general trend. In particular, the proposal of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 has accelerated the all-round development of industrial automation and intelligence in China

Mingyu heavy industry, one of the leading enterprises in China's small and medium-sized loader industry, is located in Laizhou City, Shandong Province, covering an area of 120000 square meters. At present, it has 12 modern production workshops with an annual output of 100000 units, and more than 300 world-leading large and medium-sized equipment. It is a professional manufacturer of small loaders integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service. Its customers are all over the world, from China to Asia, Europe and Africa, from construction, agriculture to mining, Mingyu heavy industry equipment can be seen everywhere

to build an unmanned chemical plant

at present, Mingyu heavy industry has occupied half of the domestic small and medium-sized loader market, with a market share of more than 50%, and has become a well deserved leader in China's small and medium-sized loader industry. Yi Xuehang said that our strategy is to professionally build a world-class R & D and production base for small and medium-sized loaders and become a global leader in small loaders. It is understood that Mingyu heavy industry has the world's advanced scientific research and experimental equipment, intelligent detection system and processing and cutting equipment, and has established a good technical platform with domestic famous universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises, and has independent research and development capabilities of high-tech products

Mingyu heavy industry pays attention to technology and insists on innovation, which is the key to maintain its rapid development and improve its core competitiveness. Mingyu heavy industry is always market-oriented. With the rise of human costs and labor, it is safe to use our company's product force structure. Today, the development of global informatization requires us to change our production mode and carry out industrial upgrading in order to meet the needs of market development. Therefore, the realization of production automation has become the ideal of Mingyu heavy industry, and Emak has opened this door for us, making us take a solid step on the road of automation development. Yi Xuehang said that at present, Mingyu heavy industry has a total of three Emak vl2p series lathes, and the other four are about to be in place, which are mainly used to process shaft sleeves and other disc parts with an outer diameter of less than 100mm

love Emma at first sight

the first contact with Emma was at the 2013 Qingdao International Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition. When I first saw Emma's equipment, it was bright in front of me: small floor area, unique automatic loading and unloading process, handstand plus China's national standard working method, and I immediately decided to buy it. Yi Xuehang recalled that it can be said that I fell in love with Emak at first sight, and he really didn't disappoint me. We were very satisfied with the degree of automation, efficiency and processing quality

the three vl2p lathes purchased by Mingyu heavy industry cover a small area (the installation area of the machine tool is only 5 square meters), and are integrated with automatic loading and unloading system, automatic workpiece conveying system for safety, short workpiece processing beat, easy chip removal, simple maintenance and other characteristics. Moreover, emark VL2 lathes are modular design, which can easily realize machining combination and connect into a machining production line

according to our production requirements, emark has designed a set of production solutions for us with three vl2p lathes, which has greatly improved our production efficiency and quality. According to Yi Xuehang, in the past, the discs of these production loaders were outsourced, and the quality was uneven and difficult to control, with poor consistency. We can only solve this problem by increasing the number of inspectors and classifying relevant products. Nowadays, the use of Emak equipment to produce these parts not only ensures the quality, but also significantly prolongs the service life of the workpiece. The service life of the product parts can reach more than times that of ordinary products

high quality, high efficiency and high automation

our company always adheres to a set of scientific, procedural and standardized production concepts from R & D, production to sales and after-sales, so as to better control quality and lower the cost of all links at the same time. Yi Xuehang said that the addition of Emak not only greatly improves the degree of production automation, but also reduces the number of processes. It can complete multiple processes at one time without the influence of human factors, effectively ensuring the quality and production efficiency

emark vl2p lathe adopts inverted structure, and the bed is cast from mineralit high-grade mineral material, with high stability and excellent shock absorption performance. Its unique automatic loading and unloading technology transfers the workpiece to the processing area through the working spindle or turret, without additional manipulator and robot, which is simple, economical and ensures a high utilization rate; The automatic loading and unloading spindle is installed on the cross slide at the front of the bed, which can move in x-axis and z-axis, with extremely fast reaction speed and extremely short cutting stroke; The tool tower located at the lower end of the working spindle can be installed with up to 12 turning tools or power tools. In addition, the vl2p lathe turret can also be equipped with a Y-axis, which can greatly expand the application field of production. The whole automatic loading and unloading process can realize the rapid type change of different workpieces and effectively improve the production efficiency

moreover, Emak is also very good at after-sales service, and can give feedback to our questions at the first time. But at the same time, because of the progressiveness and technicality of its products, we hope that EMAC can provide our employees with more training in programming and equipment maintenance. Yi Xuehang proposed

finally, Yi Xuehang said that automatic production is the focus of Mingyu heavy industry's development now and in the future. Automation should be considered not only in processing, but also in cutting, welding and even assembly. We are very satisfied not only with the automation technology, production capacity, but also with the after-sales service. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with EMAC and strive to achieve our goal of an unmanned chemical plant

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