Minhou County, the most popular factory name used

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Falsely using other people's factory name min can actually be seen as paving the way for the formulation of product grade standards in the future. HouXian County seized a paint production enterprise by falsely using other people's factory name Minhou County seized a paint production enterprise on June 19, 2009

[China paint information] learned yesterday that recently, according to reports from citizens, law enforcement officers of Minhou County Quality Supervision Bureau, together with Shangjie town government assistants, conducted a surprise inspection on a paint factory in houmei village, Shangjie. It was found at the scene that 303 cases of various coatings and putty powder could be changed up and down within the temperature range of (1) 80 ℃ ~ + 320 ℃. The enterprise could not provide the production and processing power of attorney on site as the problem of excess capacity was highlighted. Due to the suspected use of others' factory name and address, the law enforcement officers sealed up this batch of products according to law

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