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Min long, general manager of the procurement center of Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd.: build a safe and reliable supply chain and help the dream of becoming a powerful automobile country

from October 21 to October 22, 2020, the "2020 China Automobile Supply Chain Conference" (formerly the "China automobile parts industry annual conference and Summit Forum") jointly hosted by the China Automobile Industry Association and the Xi'an Municipal People's government was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The theme of this supply chain conference is "cultivating new opportunities, seeking new chapters and opening up new situations - helping to build a safe and controllable automobile industry chain", discussing the idea of the "14th five year plan", controlling the industrial situation, analyzing the development trends of the global automobile supply chain, and helping to build a safe and controllable automobile industry chain. Among them, min long, general manager of the procurement center of Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech at the theme forum "promoting the replenishment and strengthening of the automotive industry" held on the morning of October 22. The following is the transcript of the on-site speech:

min long: Good morning, leaders and colleagues. Just now, President Qingwen spoke very well and deeply from the theoretical and practical height of the whole supply chain. Now let me tell you about the current situation of Chang'an

I'm from Chang'an automobile. This is my second business trip this year, because as the general manager of procurement, I should have traveled frequently. Why is this the second time this year? The first time was the Beijing auto show last month, and today is to Xi'an. Since the COVID-19 this year, first of all, it is domestic, which has affected the supply guarantee of mainframe manufacturers. Later, there is an epidemic abroad. In fact, our short board has been exposed very quickly. Therefore, from March and April to now, many foreign chips and sensors have restricted our development, so the demand at home is the basic guarantee supply of choice. So this supply chain makes us understand very deeply that China's auto industry looks large, but not strong, and there are some shortcomings

first of all, I would like to thank the Automobile Industry Association for providing such a rare opportunity and platform for us to discuss the safety and reliability of the automobile supply chain with the industry, promote the supplement and strengthening of the automobile industry chain, help the innovation and reform of the automobile industry chain, and realize the national dream of China's automobile industry. I would like to share four aspects:

first, the strategic significance of building a safe and reliable. Building a safe and reliable supply chain is the only way from a large automobile country to a powerful automobile country. From the current situation of China's automobile industry, China's automobile production and sales have ranked first in the world for nine consecutive years since 2010. The layout of the automobile industry chain is becoming more and more complete, gradually taking large vehicle enterprises as the core, forming a certain cluster effect of the industry chain. In March of this year, China's automobile industry began to resume production. Chang'an resumed production on February 3 and the first complete vehicle came off the production line on February 10. We have played the role of domestic and international double circulation, and the high-level opening has strengthened the circulation of the international supply chain and jointly promoted the upgrading of the automobile industry chain. From the perspective of the development opportunities of the automobile industry, China has entered a critical period of reform. An automobile power is an important strategic choice to become a manufacturing power. The strategy of an automobile power must have the existence of first-class automobile enterprises and brands with international competitiveness, a healthy system and an industrial system to support the healthy and innovative development of the automobile industry, including the competitiveness of our own brand products, and the improvement of a safe and reliable supply chain

in the final analysis, the competition in the automotive industry is the competition in core technology and supply chain. By improving the openness of China's local parts enterprises, cultivating core technology, we can achieve a number of parts enterprises with global competitiveness, and then form a global leading supply chain system to support democratic brands. Secondly, building a safe and reliable supply chain is an effective means to deal with globalization events and international relations. The COVID-19, which broke out at the beginning of this year, quickly swept the world. Thanks to the strong control of the state, China's complete vehicle enterprises took the lead in resuming production. However, foreign parts enterprises are still in the stage of shutdown, causing the risk of supply interruption. The problem that China's automotive industry chain has not fully realized vertical integration has sounded an alarm for the safety of the supply chain, such as our lidar, adaptive controllers, including special chips, Affected by the epidemic, the delivery time of our products has been cut off. What was originally shipped is now transported by air. At the same time, the epidemic has depressed the global economy, accelerated the migration of the industrial chain, and the return of the manufacturing industry has brought a huge impact on the risks of the automotive industry chain. In order to improve the ability of China's automotive industry to resist risks and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the industrial chain, we must build an independent and controllable supply chain

third, building a safe and reliable supply chain is a guarantee for the success of the new round of industrial reform. On the one hand, the development trend of the new four modernizations is obvious. In the future, cars will be fully electric, intelligent and connected, bringing users a safer, more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly travel experience. On the other hand, the integration of key parts and components resources is an important guarantee for the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the field of smart cars, in the field of environmental sensing systems, intelligent decision-making, high-power chips and other key parts and components, most domestic enterprises belong to the pre research stage. The key parts and components of autonomous environmental sensing systems include millimeter wave radar and laser radar, which grow rapidly and are expected to be supplied rapidly in the future, But the key technology of our chip is still in the hands of foreign enterprises. In terms of new energy power, high-safety, high-energy density batteries and high-quality resources are mainly distributed in Europe, America and Japan. Industrial conversion modules are mainly monopolized by international giants, and domestic igdp production enterprises are relatively few. Therefore, building a safe and reliable supply chain is the inevitable way to develop, intelligentize and connect, and realize industrial transformation

second, the way to build a safe and reliable supply chain. First, our government and enterprises work together to improve the innovation system of the industrial chain and realize rapid industrialization. Innovation is not only the core element of national competitiveness, but also the driving force and guarantee for the sustainable development of the industry. Based on the top-level design at the national level, government and enterprises work together to build an innovation platform for industry, University and research, break through the basic forward-looking and common technologies of the industry, supplemented by innovative management services, benign policy guidance, create an innovative atmosphere, support the vehicle enterprises to have the ability to innovate the industrial chain, and the achievements of domestic innovation, We should implement compaction industrialization and transform it into the core competence supporting our industrialization development as soon as possible, cross-border integration and technological innovation to improve our ability to survive. Through strong alliances, especially cross-border alliances, we should jointly research and develop common technologies, overcome shortcomings and strive to achieve localization. We should seize the reconstruction opportunity of this round of industrial chain structural adjustment, and achieve breakthroughs in technology and industry by building key core technologies, Localize some important parts in the industrial chain. Expand opening-up, attract advantageous resources, give full play to the advantages of clusters, and give full play to the effect of clusters in the context of expanding opening-up, highlighting the advantages of supply chain costs and business environment. On the one hand, international excellent parts enterprises that have entered China can supply goods stably for a long time, on the other hand, attract more foreign excellent enterprises to invest and build factories in China, especially key parts enterprises, So as to enhance the ability of China's automobile industry to resist risks

here is the practice mode of Chang'an

first, in April, 2018, Chang'an Automobile officially released the third innovation and entrepreneurship plan. Over the past two years, we have continuously deepened the strategic logic to transform into a smart travel technology company and move forward to a world-class automobile enterprise. The road of the third entrepreneurship has become more and more stable and confident. This year, Chang'an automobile is about 10 percentage points higher than that of last year. This is in August, when Premier Li Keqiang visited Chongqing, he said that Chang'an had resisted. But the security of supply chain is not enough

second, we have promoted the strategy of smart link, the Beidou plan. In August 2018, Chang'an Automobile released the Beidou Tissot plan, which will realize the operation of smart link and build an intelligent platform in stages based on the technology of smart link, intelligent interaction and intelligent driving. At present, he has mastered more than 200 intelligent technologies in three fields, achieved mass production of more than 70 intelligent functions, and was first launched in China. In the field of intelligent interaction, the first domestic version of the car was unveiled on cs75plus, with a mass production experience of L3 brake driving

third, we have promoted the new energy war (2) vernier caliper, Shangri La plan. In October, 2017, Chang'an released the Shangri La plan, which is committed to becoming the leader of intelligent new energy vehicles. In May, 2018, Chang'an new energy technology company was registered and established. The development and organization of Chang'an Automobile in the field of new energy provided human security, and the rapid and efficient promotion of the industrial development of new energy vehicles. In November, 2019, the first round of financing of Chang'an new energy was completed, Four strategic investors were successfully attracted to become the first central enterprise to realize the hybrid reform in China. Chang'an new energy independently mastered 384 core technologies such as vehicle integration, successfully launched 12 pure electric and plug-in hybrid products, and sold 210000 vehicles in total

fourth, efficient collaboration and building a community of interests for manufacturers. Give full play to the advantages of the group's resources, focus on the resource cost analysis of the supply chain, build the key competitiveness of procurement, build a value efficient and collaborative supply ecosystem, jointly build a community of interests for the interests of manufacturers, realize the timely conception of information resources, provide special assistance to suppliers, comprehensively improve the capabilities of suppliers, establish joint laboratories with suppliers, form a complementary professional and technical team, and support the acceleration of the industry

fifth, integrate and share, and create an ecosystem of supply chain cooperation and development. In the field of new energy, Chang'an has established a cooperative relationship with FAW and ERW, sharing technology platforms and resources, and in the era of zero in the field of power batteries, it will jointly deploy the future charging ecosystem with State Grid in the field of charging, so as to realize and promote the localization of the core converter of new energy electric drive system. Chang'an automobile has cross-border alliances with iFLYTEK, Alibaba, China Mobile, Huawei, Baidu and other enterprises to build an ecological alliance of the three industrial chains of intelligent driving, intelligent alliance and three-dimensional transportation, and achieve win-win results with partners


first, promote Chinese automobile brands to move up and create a healthy automobile public opinion environment. The automobile industry is the pillar industry of the nation, and the industrial environment is constantly changing, but new development opportunities also accompany it. Only by meeting new challenges can we accept new battles. We suggest that we should adjust policies from the national and government levels to create a better investment environment, build a strong automobile industry chain, improve the layout of core parts, share the same breath and fate between automobile enterprises and parts, work together to promote the expansion and strengthening of China's automobile industry, create a healthy automobile public opinion environment, and the media platform should correctly guide more understanding of Chinese brands and show the strength of Chinese brand cars

second, enterprise alliance is to develop and strengthen core technology innovation and breakthrough. It is suggested that government and enterprises should unite to reach a consensus on core technologies in product research and development, new energy vehicles, smart cars and other fields, key components and products, and comprehensively use cooperation means such as finance and finance to establish and improve the innovation system of the automotive industry, promote and promote the innovation of the automotive industry. At the same time, a regulatory system should be established to continuously cultivate strong chains, Thus, the reduction of the bandwidth of the great power war will directly cause the material yield fluctuation to be not obvious

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