Minchunguang, chairman of the hottest Donghao oil

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Minchunguang, chairman of Donghao oil group, visited Beijing Satellite TV

minchunguang, chairman of Donghao oil group, visited Beijing Satellite TV

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I have spent my life looking for it - Donghao oil · minchunguang's wealth life

life is like a train. I stand in the front of the car and run across the world.

on the track of life, only advance, not retreat

I never communicate with ordinary people,

I only want to talk with the strong

if I can't change the environment, I'll change myself.

I'm minchunguang of Donghao oil. My 97 inorganic waterproof plugging material never leaves a way for myself in life

-- min Chunguang

there is such a pursuit in life, full of enthusiasm and never tired; There is such a yearning in the career, majestic and courageous. In all life experiences, people who are good at "searching" can always capture their own brilliance and eternity in the ups and downs of the story, and realize their own value and breakthrough in a down-to-earth and solid step. A passionate entrepreneur who creates national brands and dares to compete for excellence in international brands has an unforgettable memory of growth and transformation. Along the way, he has knocked again and again on the method of natural selection and survival of the fittest. In his heart, the breeze is dancing, and a great change in the lubricant industry is brewing. Beijing Satellite TV's China wealth dream takes you into the world of "Explorer" Min Chunguang and listens to his voice

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