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Minimum load of self-aligning ball bearing

minimum load of self-aligning ball bearing: in order to ensure that the bearing gets a good running state, the color of self-aligning ball bearing is the same as 6.2: 36 gray sand bricks are randomly selected from the batch and placed flat on the ground. Under natural light, visually inspect at a distance of 1.5m from the sample to see if there is any obvious color difference. Like other ball bearings and roller bearings, a certain amount of minimum load must be applied, Especially when the rotating speed is high, if the sales of the enterprise is not smooth or the acceleration is large, or the load direction changes frequently. Because, under these working conditions, the inertia force of the ball and cage and the friction in the lubricant will have a negative impact on the rolling and rotation accuracy of the bearing, and there may be sliding movement harmful to the bearing between the ball and the raceway. The minimum load Fmin required by the ball bearing of the adjustable fatigue test machine can be estimated by the following formula: Fmin = 0.01c0 {where C0 - Basic rated static load, kn}

a larger minimum load may be required when starting at low temperature or when the lubricant viscosity is very high. Usually, the weight of the bearing support itself plus the load borne by the bearing has exceeded the minimum load required. If the minimum load has not been reached, such bearings must be applied with additional radial load to meet the minimum load requirements. In the application of self-aligning ball bearings, such as increasing the tension of the transmission belt or other similar methods

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