Mini packages of the hottest cold drinks are favor

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The mini package of cold drinks is favored by the market

the rising cost and declining profit make the major cold drink brands dare not relax in product marketing this year. Manufacturers' innovation of cold drink packaging is also one of the important means of marketing

many family packaged cold drinks this year, after opening the large package, there are mini independent small packages inside, such as hazelnut kid, keaido, bailebao small milk, etc. Consumers reported that compared with large boxes and barrels of cold drinks, these mini packages are more convenient and hygienic to eat, and there is no need to worry about melting if they can't finish eating. In addition, parents can also control young children from eating too many cold drinks. It is precisely because of these mini packages that cold drink factories often mark "the taste of new cars" in the advertising language, and even enter catering restaurants. Many Korean restaurants and hot pot restaurants in Nanjing give this mini package cold drink after meals. It is not expensive, but if it can move, it can show that the machine function is intact and win a good reputation

information source: yashiluo

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