Business as usual- Firms in Ukraine resist calls f

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'Business as usual': Firms in Ukraine resist calls for expats to leave - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The message from Western businesses operating in Ukraine appears to be very much “business as usual” — at least for now — despite intensified warnings from international governments of a potentially imminent Russian invasionThe workplace spread o.

The renewed alerts follow the latest intelligence assessments of Russian preparations on the Ukrainian borderWhat GESDA can do is basically to call attention before this thing escalates…(and) if diplomacy would come in befor.

Several European governments have advised their nationals living in Ukraine to leave the countryThe province will continue to ease restrictions based on public health indicators and when 75 per cent of residents age 12 and over have received two doses. It will also put an end t, following US President Joe Biden who said last week that US nationals should get out as soon as possible.

But the American Chamber of Commerce says it “continues to operate in Kyiv”.

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