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Many friends who have experienced decoration cannot help feeling the trouble of decoration. Therefore, buying a fully decorated house is a good choice. However, when purchasing fully decorated houses, careful acceptance is still necessary. As the decoration process is over, the decoration quality of the house can no longer be examined carefully. We can only start with some nuances. Here are the key points of the acceptance of the fully decorated house

1. Preparation. House inspection is a laborious and complex project. Before starting, the preparation must be in place. Only when you can check the house can you be handy. The house purchase contract must be provided. There are many annexes on the contract that are of great significance to the acceptance of the decorated house, such as the community distribution map, the agreed rules, etc

2. The room type drawings with dimensions should be prepared before the acceptance of the house, not only the layout plan of the house, but also the circuit and waterway drawings should be complete

3. Before accepting the house, you should take the keys well. There are many keys, including floor keys, door keys, water meter and electricity meter keys. Be careful not to omit them

4. The confirmation form of decoration materials is also indispensable during the acceptance, which records the brand, style and model of the materials. It needs to be checked during the acceptance of the fully decorated house

5. Acceptance structure. If the structure of the fully decorated house is found to be inconsistent with the contract, it must be raised with the real estate developer before moving in. If there is resistance, it can also be reported to the relevant government departments. If only non structural problems are found, the house can be truthfully recorded in writing at the time of handover, requiring the real estate developer to make a written commitment to repair within a certain time limit. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The first step is to check the overall decoration of the house, check the area, check the location orientation, measure the public area, and check whether some outdoor facilities are in good condition

6. Checking engineering projects is often ignored by many owners, who believe that problems are unlikely to occur. In fact, many owners are surprised to find that there are omissions in construction projects after moving in

7. The house inspection should pay attention to whether the materials used are consistent with the commitments in the contract, whether they are well-known brands, whether the models and styles are corresponding, etc. if there are errors, they should be negotiated in time

8. There is sometimes such a problem after the decoration of small high-rise buildings. The floor height is inconsistent with the developer's commitment. Small high-rise buildings that are already nervous before the decoration are more likely to become depressed after the decoration

9. Whether the balcony can be closed is a common problem that owners need to pay attention to after receiving the house. Owners who buy decorated houses must also consider that if the balcony is to be closed in the future, some layouts may need to be changed now

10. Whether the exhaust holes in the bathroom are reserved is a link that should not be ignored in the acceptance. You can uncover the ceiling to check whether the pipes are installed in place





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