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"who would have thought he was such a dishonest person?" Yesterday, looking at the half decorated new house, Ms. Chang, a Wuhan citizen, looked helpless: the decoration boss quietly "evaporated", leaving a mess that was difficult to clean up

54 year old Ms. Chang lives in Fitch Garden community in Wuchang. In order to prepare for her son's marriage, in November last year, it was introduced that she signed an agreement with Hu, the decoration contractor from Jingshan, to hand over a wedding house of more than 50 square meters to Hu for decoration. The project was completed at the end of the year, and the project cost of contracting labor and materials was 36000 yuan. What she didn't expect was that in mid December last year, Hu disappeared quietly, and his mobile phone was shut down all the time, and then shut down again

Ms. Chang said that according to the agreement, the decoration cost was paid by stages according to the construction progress, but before Hu left, he took 30000 yuan for various reasons. I met Hu through the introduction of acquaintances. I didn't leave a copy of Hu's ID card at the beginning, only knowing that he was from Jingshan

her son plans to get married on May Day this year. Seeing that the marriage is approaching, and the house decoration has been suspended for a month and a half, Ms. Chang is worried. She wanted to find a water and electricity worker on the street to finish the rest of the work, but her family was worried about the quality, and she found a formal decoration company, and they were unwilling to take over the work because the quantity was too small

Ms. Chang said that the wedding room was a happy event and didn't want to be unhappy. "If he can come back and continue the construction, I will not only ignore the liquidated damages, but also pay the balance according to the contract."

yesterday afternoon, the reporter dialed the number provided by Ms. Chang and tried to contact Hu unsuccessfully

tips for small editors: how to choose a decoration company

the decoration company went bankrupt, and the building materials business disappeared. The most injured is the consumer. I think it is a nightmare for many consumers to save money to buy a house for decoration. For many consumers, the first contact with decoration in the face of mixed promotions, publicity and brands in the market has overwhelmed consumers There is no way to know, which leads to blind consumption and even nightmares

the editor of Wuhan home decoration network tells you how to prevent fraud, and you should be careful when selecting decoration companies:

1. It is crucial to ensure that there are many aspects.

when selecting decoration companies, you should understand them in many aspects and go to formal professional websites. For example, Wuhan home decoration network specializes in the decoration and construction materials industry to learn information from multiple channels on its website. Before choosing, you should look at the relationship between the website and the decoration company, and whether the website has the right to supervise the decoration company, Only in this way can we not worry about the escape of the decoration company

2. Look at the qualification certificate of the brand

before choosing a decoration company, consumers should first understand the specific materials and do not rush to look at the price. Sometimes a low quotation may mean that the decoration company is "fishing" at a low price and cutting corners. In the face of various decoration companies, we should first "verify the identity", that is, check the company's business license. It's best to look at the original or copy, not just the photocopy, and carefully check whether there is a "annual inspection certificate" on the business license. As a qualified decoration company, we will be very willing to show these certificates; Secondly, we should also check the "qualification certificate" of the decoration company. This certificate is issued by the local construction committees. It is the certificate that the decoration enterprise has obtained the construction qualification to enter the construction and decoration market and the scope of contracting projects. It strictly stipulates the grade of the decoration company and the amount of decoration projects it can. When checking the qualification certificate, we should also look at the original or copy, not just the photocopy, The business license and "qualification certificate" indicate the legitimacy of a decoration company. It is illegal to lack anything

3. Rational consumption in the face of merchants' promotion war

at present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the household industry, many brands have launched "promotional prices" to attract the attention of consumers, and even many decoration companies have offered huge discounts of free labor costs. In the face of bait, many consumers are trapped in the vortex of deception, resulting in irrational consumption. Here, Xiaobian reminds the majority of consumers that promotion is indeed very preferential, But remember not to place an order blindly. You can only believe it after preliminary research

4. Look at brand strength and reputation

whether you are choosing decoration or building materials and furniture, looking at its brand reputation is always one of the most effective ways. A good brand naturally has few complaints and good service. You will benefit a lot from learning and understanding in advance through a professional home website. Choosing a decoration company depends not only on the actual business situation, but also on the decoration company's management of the whole construction process, because these management measures are an important guarantee for the completion of the decoration project and are absolutely indispensable. When bargaining, if the decoration company's price reduction is particularly large, there are two possibilities: false quotation and Jerry building

in the face of the collapse of decoration companies and brands, I believe it is no accident. Under the market competition, the survival of the fittest has always been a trend, and brands that cannot stand the test of time will inevitably be shuffled. Therefore, Xiaobian reminds consumers that they must polish their eyes when decorating and make rational consumption, so as to make home decoration a pleasure





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