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The rapid economic development has brought prosperity and prosperity to the city, but at the same time, there are also many negative effects, among which the problem of noise pollution is particularly prominent

the rapid economic development has brought prosperity and prosperity to the city, but at the same time, there are many negative effects, especially the problem of noise pollution. Nowadays, more and more people like to live in Shizhong District with convenient transportation in order to make their life more convenient. There is an objective troublesome factor in the houses in the middle of the city, that is, the noise is relatively large, especially those located on both sides of the road. The noise is larger, which affects people's lives every day

according to scientists' research, long-term exposure to noise may affect hearing, learning, work and sleep quality, or lead to endocrine disorders and harm the central nervous system. The power of noise is also known as "invisible killer". Data shows that almost 90% of the noise is transmitted through doors and windows and doors. Ordinary windows have weak barrier ability and are easy to become a "breakthrough" of noise. In order to keep the noise out of the "window" and give themselves a warm and quiet living environment, many people choose to install sound isolating windows. However, in the face of the "soundproof window" with a wide range of products on the market, how should we choose? Now I will introduce to you a window and door product, which is independently developed by meWo people and has the most powerful function in China - window king. The reason why its name is so domineering ", let's see its powerful functions

I. sound insulation products

Meiwo window king, the industry's first broken bridge profile five cavity structure, this design is unique in the world. The internal and external two glass fans are designed, and their heat preservation, sound insulation and wind pressure resistance indicators meet European standards, and have won the national invention patent. After closing the window, the house is so quiet that you can only hear the tick of your watch, so that you can always enjoy a comfortable and quiet sleep and living environment

II. Anti theft and mosquito prevention

window King products support the hanging function of the outer open glass fan, and the inner open glass fan supports the inverted function. The middle inner open diamond mesh fan can be opened together or separately with the inner open glass fan. The anti-theft performance is heavily checked, and even a mosquito and fly can't fly in

III. energy saving and wind pressure resistance

6 sealant strips make the air tightness of doors and windows stronger. The reinforced profile has high wind pressure resistance. Two groups of hollow tempered glass, with an overall air layer of 40a, are particularly excellent in energy saving and sound insulation. They are suitable for the design requirements of doors and windows in various climates, villas, high-rise buildings, and seaside buildings

to solve the harm caused by noise to people, meWo people have always considered it their mission to create a comfortable and quiet life for customers. Over the past seven years, MEVO has focused on the R & D and promotion of new functional doors and windows, constantly improving the functions of doors and windows, enriching the connotation of doors and windows, and making doors and windows satisfactory to consumers. In the bustling city, you can easily return a quiet and peaceful self space. Meiwo window king, you deserve it





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