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Creo color server brings more efficiency to liveraccor

Rochester, New York, Feb 3rd 2009 Kodak on demand printing group successfully integrated Creo color server into the Kodak PRINERGY workflow of liveraccor (Dongguan) packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. as a stable and accurate proofing solution

among the numerous printing enterprises under Singapore National Printing Group (SNP), SNP Lifeng Accor Packaging Printing Co., Ltd. is the most important book printing enterprise and one of the largest printing and packaging manufacturers in China

snp is 2 International publishers with the highest reputation in the world for green and environmental protection print various high-quality hardcover and paperback books, children's books, textbooks and other education series, as well as dozens of magazines. Mr. shewencheng, senior manager of the prepress Department of SNP Livermore Accor, said: the company can print about 65million pieces of full sheet paper every month. For this heavy workload, proofing is a major task: many books have hundreds of pages, and almost every page needs to use all colors. Before printing a book or magazine, a full color, folded and bound sample must be provided to the customer

automated color management printing is suitable for large-scale proofing

up to now, rifangaccor (Dongguan) has completed all proofing work on digital devices, most of which are undertaken by Fuji Xerox docucolor 5000 and Konica Minolta C 6500 digital printers driven by Cleo color server, with an average of 80000 to 100000 pages printed every month

the digital printer driven by Creo color server not only significantly improves the production efficiency, but also prints high-quality proofing samples. Manager she said: due to the excellent performance of Creo color server, the time of raster image processor (RIP) alone has been reduced by six times. Before that, proofing of 200 pages of books took 3 to 4 hours, but now it only takes half an hour

as early as the company transferred to the digital printing field, manager shewencheng had discovered the importance of advanced color technology in Creo color server software. Creo color server technology is very compatible with Kodak PRINERGY workflow system. We apply Kodak PRINERGY workflow system to CTP output. The color matching between the sample and the printed output has been very accurate, and it can optimize the color management in the PRINERGY workflow system

in addition, the color server can use the extended color gamut in the digital printer when inspecting the oil spill, which can be very close to the spot color simulation. The new digital proofs use the same paper as offset printing, so the customer is very satisfied with the paper of the samples, and the binding method is completely matched with the final book or magazine prints

digital printing automation is still a new trend in China's printing industry. However, Mr. shewencheng recognizes that the situation is changing. As the labor cost increases, automation becomes more and more important. Chitin in nature is always closely combined with inorganic salts and proteins insoluble in water. Digital proofing with automatic color management brings higher production efficiency and reduces production costs. Now, with only half of the printing staff in the past, rifangaccor has completed more printing and proofing work than in the past

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