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Zhu Liyue, first prize of "creativity lights up the Beijing International Lighting Festival" Zhu Liyue: glass artist, graduated from the Sculpture Department of Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, and later studied glass art in Tsinghua Academy of fine arts and the Czech Republic. In 2014, the "creative lighting Beijing International Lighting Festival" won the first prize. Representative works include pond, heavenly book, in out, intelligent splash, etc

his graduation creation triggered a fascination with transparent materials

Zhu Liyue was initially attracted by transparent materials. On the other hand, on the eve of graduation, she created a group of works using ice as the material: three equal sized female bust images as the main image, ice as the raw material, the first sculpture was frozen with red roses, the second sculpture was frozen with pigments, and the third sculpture was frozen with some black swallow tail fish. In the course of the exhibition, the works gradually melted and disappeared, changing every minute, bringing time to the three-dimensional art and showing the charm of the four-dimensional sculpture. During the exhibition, both the viewer and herself were amazed by the penetrability of materials and the changes of light and shadow. This experience brought Julie Yue to the road of exploring transparent materials

different from other sculpture materials, transparent materials have both external and internal connotations, and their performance of light and shadow is unmatched by other materials. Unlike ice, glass is relatively stable and does not lose, but it is extremely contradictory. Transparent and impermeable, clear and unknown, both soft and plastic, and hard and fragile, can be destroyed in a moment, but also stand for a century. Glass material has great limitations and uncertainties. It is almost the most beautiful and elusive material. Julie is more and more fascinated

at the invitation of Czech towns, Zhu Liyue began to study and create in the glass art department of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, and then studied in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the birthplace of glass art. Glass artists use this transparent material to make utensils or works of art, and combine Bohemian style with modern art language. They have reached an extraordinary state. Maybe a cleaner or taxi driver can tell you about glass art

the infiltration and study there made Julie grow rapidly, and her works gradually gained the attention and recognition of people in the industry. She also accepted an invitation from the authorities of the city of Maria to make a glass work of the Virgin Mary for the spa town of Maria

her plan is to put the finished glass statue of the Virgin Mary into the hot spring, because she knows that the spring water in this town has a special function - due to the high mineral content in the water, the surface of the objects will produce a wonderful chemical change after being soaked in the water for a long time, thus producing different visual effects. The more Julie knows the mystery, the more she expects her works to bring different changes

the unexpected award-winning "water diamond" brings recognition and opportunities

after the Czech returned from studying abroad, Zhu Liyue often went back and forth to Zoje to find more suitable factory firing works, and created a large number of exquisite glass works in a few years. In 2014, the company's main products currently include electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine. Recommended by her friends, she participated in the international lighting festival of "creative lighting Beijing". The exhibition work is in out, a glass lighting device. Julie was greatly touched by her father's cancer. During that time, she thought about many issues of "life and death", and directly expressed this theme when she conceived her works. She described a magical artistic conception in the way of "hanging water drill". She used light and flashing transparent materials to form a virtual silhouette of the Buddha, forming a curtain like device that allows the audience to pass through. The shape of the cross constitutes a richer visual experience, which is also consistent with the concept of reincarnation and rotation in oriental culture. He has been slow to respond to the competition and award-winning. Only one hour before receiving the award did he know that the works of the lighting festival were award-winning. In this way, he accidentally won the first prize of the lighting Festival, the leading award in his art career

this unexpected award has brought many recognition and opportunities to Zhu Liyue both inside and outside the world. From then on, we began to design and manufacture large-scale glass lighting devices, and began to study and apply glass materials in public space. It is worth mentioning that Ivan Joel, the husband of Juliet, is a Spanish architect. His architectural design background and Juliet's material knowledge make them often achieve the artistic conception of "barrier free connection" in their design and creation

at the end of each year, Julie Yue always thinks about what the next year will be like. For her, each year is unpredictable and brand-new, and she feels this more as she grows older. Reviewing the course of glass art in recent years, She said: "gradually, I see a self from chaos to clarity, from gray to light, and from difficulty to creation. This process of change is brought to me by glass and light belt. My art is dedicated to myself. The market trading atmosphere is good, my design can infect others, and my life revolves around what I like. This is winning the life prize. For me, I have nothing to do but continue."

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