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China's crane manufacturing industry is moving towards the "large tonnage" era

China's crane manufacturing industry is moving towards the "large tonnage" era

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Guide: This is an era of creating miracles, and all records may be broken at any time, especially for China's crane industry. Since 1999, China's crane industry, which has been silent for many years, is like a volcanic eruption, showing a momentum of rapid development. It is out of control, and has experienced continuous growth and waves

this is an era of miracles. All records may be broken at any time, especially for China's crane industry

since 1999, China's crane industry, which has been silent for many years, has been like a volcanic eruption, showing a momentum of rapid development. It is out of control, and has been growing year after year, one wave after another, even in 2004, which is called the year of macro-control

in the field of truck cranes, the annual sales in 1998 was only more than 1.1 billion yuan, but in 2004, the sales reached more than 7 billion yuan. In 2005, although it fell back, it still reached about 6.7 billion yuan

after Demag cc8800 (1250t) crawler crane settled in Sinopec Ningbo, Liebherr lr11350 (1350t) crawler crane settled in CNPC No. 1 Construction Co., Ltd., rewriting the record of the largest tonnage of "the first crane in China"

in may, 2006, the SCC4000 (400t) of Sany Heavy Industry, the largest tonnage crawler crane manufactured by domestic enterprises, was successfully rolled off the production line, but this record will be broken at the baumachina construction machinery exhibition held in Shanghai in November, 2006

the birth of Sichuan Jianji m1500 tower crane marks that China's tower crane manufacturing industry is also stepping into the era of large tonnage

everything came so quickly that people in the industry dare not neglect it

overall growth of crane market

crane is one of the equipment with the widest application fields. Its majestic appearance can be seen everywhere in power plants, nuclear power, wharfs, water conservancy, tunnels, bridges, petrochemical, metallurgical, construction and other industries. In the latest "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the investment in various construction industries has maintained a steady upward trend. There are new engineering plans for water conservancy, hydropower, energy and mine construction, flood control projects, water sources for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, eight major hydropower projects, the west to East power transmission project with an additional investment of more than 430billion yuan, and the start of natural gas development and transmission projects, all of which have brought new development opportunities to cranes. In 2006, faced with the situation of power shortage in China, according to the "11th Five Year Plan" of the State Power Corporation and the southern power company, the total investment in power construction in China will exceed 1trillion yuan in the next five years. During this period, the investment in power construction will account for more than 50% of the total investment in the power industry, which can basically meet the needs of new power transmission and distribution. Under the large demand of these large-scale projects for cranes, the domestic crane market has accelerated the momentum of large-scale development

The annual sales volume of cranes increased year by year. On the other hand, the annual sales of mobile cranes in 2005 reached 8billion yuan, an increase of 12.7% over 2004. A total of 10800 mobile cranes were sold in China. According to the 11th Five Year Plan of China Construction Machinery Association, it is estimated that by 2010, the market capacity of wheel cranes, crawler cranes and tower cranes will reach 14000, 800 and 12000 respectively. This figure is slightly conservative

compared with the growing domestic demand for cranes, the export of cranes is no inferior. The export of tower cranes has increased rapidly in recent years. The export volume in the first quarter of 2006 alone reached 74% of that in 2005, while the import volume has decreased year by year. Although the export volume of crawler cranes is small, there is only a difference of 12 sets between the 26 sets in the first quarter of 2006 and the 38 sets in 2005. In terms of import, the number of crawler cranes is declining. However, stimulated by large-scale energy projects, the tonnage of imported cranes is becoming larger and the amount of foreign exchange is increasing. As mentioned above, Liebherr's 1350t crawler crane has settled in China, and manitowak's 1000 ton m2100 crawler crane has been purchased by Chinese enterprises as the second one in Asia

while the lifting capacity is climbing vertically, the small and medium-sized crawler crane with a wide range of applications below 50 ~ 250t has become a popular model at present. Fushun Excavator Co., Ltd. alone sold more than 10 quy250 (250t) crawler cranes in 2006. At present, the products of major domestic crane manufacturers such as Xuzhong, Puyuan and fucao are in short supply, and there is no goods to sell. It is very likely that the contract for the study of the changes in the surface organizational structure in the process of friction and wear will not benefit the enterprises until 2007

the news from Liebherr, manitowak and Terex Demag, the world's famous crane manufacturers, is that the supply period has all reached 2007. They have good sales performance not only in China, but also in Europe, India and other regions. Various signs show that the world seems to be in a period of strong demand for lifting equipment

the large-scale of cranes

the large-scale trend of cranes is an indisputable fact. The increasing lifting projects are the catalyst to promote the large-scale of lifting equipment

crawler cranes take the lead

at present, the generating units of thermal power projects in China have developed from 600000 kW to 1million kW, and the tonnage of crawler cranes used for thermal power construction has increased from 400 tons to 600 tons. In the oil refining and petrochemical projects, with the expansion of the project, the tonnage of the reactor and other equipment is also increasing, giving birth to the large crawler crane market

in February, 2006, the 1000 ton m2100 crawler crane of manitowac crane group completed the first hoisting task of large Hydrofining Reactor by Sinopec tenth construction company, with a total hoisting weight of 437.7t. At present, the m2100 will be hoisted with a hoisting weight of about 900t on the construction site of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical

on June 17, 2006, on the Ordos grassland in Inner Mongolia, the hoisting of Shenhua coal liquefaction reactor undertaken by the world's giant crane mamont was successfully completed, which is another record in China's hoisting history. The single coal liquefaction reactor hoisted this time has a mass of 2103t. The 3000 ton double ring rail crane with two arm platform of mamont was used to complete the hoisting in place in 11h18min. The hoisting of the same weight will be carried out in August, 2006

on June 28, 2006, China National Petroleum first construction company set another record in China's hoisting history, using Liebherr LR? The 11350 crawler crane successfully completed the reactor of the petrochemical Hydrodesulfurization Unit with a total weight of 1206t, making it the most crawler crane in China. The hoisting scheme for the reactor of the larger 1400 ton Petrochemical Hydrodesulfurization Unit is being demonstrated

at present, there are more than 140 crawler cranes of more than 250t in domestic power and petrochemical departments. Since 2000, China has purchased more than 100 crawler cranes of more than 450 tons. With the construction of nuclear power in China (2) sometimes aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals are used to reduce the weight; With the continuous deepening of, the hoisting stock will continue to increase. If the American modular technology is adopted in China's nuclear power, it will require more than 2000 ton lifting equipment

at present, Demag has upgraded its 1250 ton cc8800 to 1600 ton CC, and two cc8800 are used to form a dual computer. When using the standard configuration, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 2500t

although China's crawler crane started late, it has developed very fast in the past two years. At present, SCC4000 (400t) produced by Sany Heavy Industry is the largest tonnage domestic crawler crane that has been offline. Xuzhong quy300 (300t) will be offline in 2005, and quy450 (450t) will also be offline. The 600 ton crawler crane of Zoomlion Puyuan will come out soon. Fushun Excavator Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production of crawler cranes, in addition to the mass production of quy250 (250t), quy350 (350t) will soon be offline. Moreover, these manufacturers are actively considering the development of 800 ~ 1000 ton crawler cranes

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