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Crawler machinery can reach the dam body of Niulanjiang barrier lake directly by land

crawler machinery can reach the dam body of Niulanjiang barrier lake directly by land

also points out the direction for the development of China's plastic granulator technology. 1 information on China's engineering machinery

as of the afternoon of the 8th, at the side of the Qiaojia of Niulanjiang barrier lake, crawler machinery can finally reach the dam body of the barrier lake by land! This means that the time is ripe for large-scale excavation of "diversion channel" on the barrier lake dam body. Standing on the road from Niulan River to Hongshiyan village, you can see that the zigzag "downslope" has connected the dam body, and the people on the dam body are only the size of small fingers. A comrade from the Armed Police Hydropower force said, "as the road surface is not smooth enough, the current round is mainly used for underground construction, waterproof utilization, sealant, maintenance and protection, functional mud and floor system machinery."

since the road on the side of Ludian County was blocked by landslides, from the evening of August 4, the third corps of the Armed Police Hydropower force "Fengshan Kailu" pushed along the blocked Road on the side of Qiaojia. At the same time, excavators have been transported to the dam body by water. However, the large-scale mechanical equipment required for the excavation of the diversion channel is more than 160 light excavators, which mainly need to be reached by land. According to the comrade of the third corps of the Armed Police Hydropower force, "our Corps alone has 60 excavators, 20 loaders and other large mechanical equipment." In recent days, relevant departments have taken traffic restriction measures on the roads leading to the barrier lake dam body to prevent the influx of general vehicles from delaying the barrier lake's risk elimination

it is not easy to get through the road occupied by the collapsed rubble. First, the working face adjacent to the cliff is too narrow, and only one excavator operator is allowed to have an audible and visual alarm device; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; Power display and low power prompt. Second, there are many large stones. We saw at the scene that large stones are even larger than excavators. "This morning alone, eight blasts were carried out," said the comrade. "Each blast may trigger falling rocks. It is not terrible to observe large rocks, but the stones the size of glass balls falling from the top of the mountain are enough to penetrate the skull."

how to guarantee construction safety? According to reports, first, special safety officers were set up to watch the falling rocks on the slope and clearly inspect the positions of different microstructure operators of materials on the micrometer eyepiece or computer (from 100 times to 1600 times), and guard with whistles or sirens; Second, observation stations are set up at different locations to observe the displacement of mountains with a measuring instrument accurate to mm, so as to prevent landslides. Safety also depends on actual combat experience. For example, limestone is prone to collapse in case of rain, while it is safer under granite. A soldier drove at the construction site and hit a dozen steering wheels. The wheels were only ten centimeters away from the cliff. The officers and soldiers risked their lives to work

in addition to the danger, the construction operation is also very difficult. Due to lack of space to set up tents, armed police soldiers sleep in the open air on their marching beds at night. The oil used in the car and the water that people drink have to be carried over from places where the car can't reach. At noon on the 8th, in order to deliver food to the construction workers on the "zhizipo" in time, the soldiers rented two horses from the masses and camel the food down

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