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Dongguan paper industry crisis and vitality in recent years, the paper industry in Dongguan has experienced a golden period of rapid development, growing in the eight pillar industries, but the paper industry has also buried various hidden dangers while expanding. At present, under the impact of the financial crisis, after the impact on the auxiliary enterprises related to papermaking in the industrial chain, the problem of overcapacity in the papermaking and paper products industry has also emerged

in the past, the expansion was too fast, and now the funds are tight.

it is understood that most of the products of Dongguan paper industry are sold domestically. Compared with export-oriented industries, the peripheral economic situation has a relatively small impact on the paper industry. However, in the industrial chain, as the downstream customers of paper products are greatly affected by the financial storm, their orders are reduced, and enterprises reduce their output. As a result, the sales of paper products are greatly impacted, resulting in overcapacity

the financial turmoil has greatly impacted the enterprises mainly engaged in export trade, and the export goods have decreased significantly. These enterprises are the main customers of Dongguan paper products. Due to their compressed production, the market of paper products industry shrank. This cannot be avoided, because the paper products industry is only one link in the whole industrial chain of Dongguan. In the economic environment, there is a problem with heavy and large-size jaws, and a single enterprise or industry will certainly be affected. Nanyuejun, general manager of Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd., analyzed the overcapacity of the paper products industry

in the past oneortwo years, the papermaking and paper products industry in Dongguan has been in a period of rapid expansion, but in the process of rapid expansion, enterprises have encountered the problem of lack of funds. Nanyuejun said: some small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry have encountered financing problems, and even some large enterprises have also encountered the problem of tight capital chain. Zhuguolong, deputy general manager of Liwen Paper Co., Ltd. in Zhongtang Town, said in an interview that the shortage of funds has become an important bottleneck affecting its development

xiaogongjun, general manager of Dongguan Yili Printing Co., Ltd., also mentioned a few days ago that at present, most enterprises' capital settlement methods are lagging behind. Suppliers generally wait until customers sell their products before they can get the payment. This process usually takes three months, and some even six months. At present, due to the impact of the financial crisis, customers have problems in sales, leading to manufacturers, suppliers and so on can not get the payment on time or even lead to a shortage of funds

the paper industry is facing environmental pollution problems

the paper products industry is the most polluted industry among the eight pillar industries in Dongguan. Recently, Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau officially issued the measures of Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau for the management of enterprise environmental protection credit to enterprises, that is, what is the red, yellow and green brand Jinan gold testing pull machine for enterprise environmental protection credit. Once the enterprise is given a red card, it will not be able to obtain bank loans. This has also raised financial and technical problems for some small and medium-sized enterprises in sewage treatment

nanyuejun said that environmental pollution in the paper industry has always been a topic of great concern in the society. Of course, as a paper product enterprise, it must also undertake the environmental protection society. At the same time, this is also a thorny problem faced by many enterprises

measures such as value-added tax deduction have brought about a turnaround.

insiders said that papermaking is a heavy asset industry, with an investment of about 100million yuan for every 10000 tons of new pulping capacity, and about 40million yuan for every 10000 tons of new whiteboard. The introduction of the paper industry policy last year also increased the initial scale of new projects. However, in the catalogue of non tax exempt imported commodities for domestic investment projects (revised in 2006), which was implemented on March 1 last year, imported paper cutters, waste paper shredders, pulp machines, paper-making machines and other equipment, no matter how many food machines were purchased, were not tax exempt. This also has a great impact on paper-making enterprises. However, it is reported that from January 1 next year, China will allow enterprises to deduct the value-added tax contained in newly purchased equipment, which is a major turning point for the paper industry and paper products industry with huge investment

in addition, in the voice of small and medium-sized enterprises' difficulty in lending, Dongguan's 1billion yuan discount loan has benefited more than 3000 enterprises in the eight pillar industries. In the recently issued list of key small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Dongguan, a number of paper-making enterprises in Zhongtang, Mayong and Wangniudun are listed

the paper industry in Dongguan has formed a very complete industrial chain. In this environment, there will be opportunities at any time. Therefore, it is most important for enterprises to respond quickly. For example, the price of raw materials has dropped a lot, and the cost of the paper industry has also begun to decline. At this time, should we expand production or move forward steadily? Enterprises must be accurate, Nanyue Jun said

the production characteristics of the paper industry determine that it has a lot to do in terms of saving money. In the current economic situation, saving money may be a measure taken by many enterprises, but the paper industry can also "surface" composite materials to make the vehicle interior look more attractive, so as to save more costs through effective management and operation. Nanyuejun believes that the era of cash as king has come, and enterprises must have money in their hands to keep calm. First, we should reduce unnecessary procurement expenses, reduce management costs as far as possible, and reduce the daily expenses of enterprises; Second, the paper industry should work with suppliers and downstream customers to tide over the difficulties. For example, the original billing period for both parties was two months, but now it is reduced to one month, reducing the financial pressure on each other

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