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Creed Engineering Co., Ltd. launched vinsak intermittent shaftless offset printing machine

India's Creed engineers recently launched vinsak 3) to load the pen and paper with an automatic plotter. Therefore, Leo series intermittent shaftless offset printing machine is mainly aimed at the label and packaging market

it is reported that this equipment has three different formats, namely 420mm, 390mm and 330mm. The corresponding models are lio420, lio390 and lio330 respectively. The maximum printing formats are 410 350mm, 380 350mm and 310 300mm respectively. The maximum thickness of substrate used by this series of offset press is 350gsm

Various friction pair upper collets can be installed

the equipment adopts an intelligent control system, which can shorten the preparation time, strengthen the use of materials, and make production more efficient. Each color deck of vinsak Lio series intermittent shaftless offset press is controlled by an independent servo motor. At the same time, the equipment adopts a static image monitoring system, which can control the longitudinal and axial registration on the console to further improve the printing quality. Shaftless transmission ensures the printing registration accuracy when the printing machine is running at high speed

lio series intermittent shaftless offset printing machine adopts the design of heavy-duty printing machine, which can prevent ghosts and ink bars. The water supply and ink supply of the printing machine can be automatically adjusted according to the printing speed

in addition, the printer can be equipped with other optional components, including adding color decks, glazing units, rotary die cutting, cold stamping, film covering, and combining offset printing, embossing and silk printing for combined printing

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