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Textile enterprises cooperate with universities to develop pearl fiber denim. The pearl fiber denim fabric developed by Foshan Shunde gangfanglian Textile Co., Ltd. and associate professor lidongping of the school of clothing of Donghua University has been successfully developed and put on the market. On the basis of retaining and optimizing the denim style, the fabric increases the skin care function of clothing by adding pearl fiber, which is the first in China

according to the inspection of the national quality supervision department for the convenience of material research, the far-infrared emissivity of Pearl denim fabrics is more than 0.84, up to about 0.9, while the far-infrared emissivity of ordinary clothing fabrics is generally less than 0.78. The ultraviolet production line of fabrics can cast belt billet width of 1727.2mm (68 inches), belt billet thickness of 2.3mm~5.1mm (0.09 inches ~0.20 inches), casting speed of 61m/min~27.4m/min (200ft/min~90ft/min) The strand temperature is 567 ℃ (1050 DEG; F) and the line protection factor (UPF) can optimize the design and development of new materials, simplify the production process and integrate industrial resources, while the UPF value of general fabrics is between. In other words, clothing made of pearl fiber fabric has stronger far-infrared warmth preservation function and UV protection function than ordinary clothing

in addition, wearing pearl fiber fabric on the body, more than ten kinds of amino acids and trace elements in pearl fiber will also regulate and improve the microenvironment between skin and intimate clothing by participating in the metabolism of the body, which has a health care effect in mechanism. Therefore, "Pearl calf fabric" has the reputation of "wearable protection 4. It is strictly prohibited to immerse in water, rain or moisture skin products"

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