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Teubert proprietary epp/epe particle filling injection molding technology

teubert was the first company to research and develop particle filling injection gun and filling system, and has the core proprietary technology of epp/epe molding technology ----- filling gun and filling system. Using this proprietary technology can enable customers to obtain the best epp/epe molding quality and accuracy. Especially in the particle filling stage, it is very effective to keep the particle density consistent

teubert filling gun can control and reduce epp/epe raw material costs and energy costs ----- increase profits

digital control technology and advanced CNC control system ----- viscon3. The connecting part of piston rod and swing rod is not flexible: adjust the connecting part of the two ATS

Teubert molding machine adopts the most advanced digital control technology. All relevant steam pressure and air pressure parameters are digitally controlled, and fasto standard digital pump valves are adopted, which can control accurately and save a lot of energy costs

advanced CNC control system ----- visconats visual control software -- advanced CNC control system exclusively developed by Teubert company ----- visconats visual control software is based on Windows operating system and has excellent Windows man-machine interface. It is the first control system of eps/epp/epe molding machine at present

unique eps/epp/epe molding database and unique production process data curve observation system

since 1985, Teubert has always maintained close cooperation with raw material suppliers and based on its own experience with customers, has continuously studied eps/epp/epe molding technology, established a rich and unique eps/epp/epe molding technology database, and constantly updated it to provide customers with the required data with the help of Internet, Guide customers' production and technology, so as to occupy a leading position in the industry

the standard production process data curve comes from ISO and customers. The unique curve observation system can measure and record 999 (or more) production process data and curves through sensors every day. In the production process, it can compare the real and directly printable production data curve with a standard data curve to check the product quality, timely and conveniently observe and find out the process data errors and causes, and ensure the production of high-quality products

teubert main valve/bypass valve, steam control and regulation system and its steam expansion pipe system ----- no hose

teubert adopts a unique molding machine main valve/bypass valve steam control and regulation system, which reduces the steam consumption by more than 30% compared with the conventional molding machine, and greatly reduces the production cost of customers

teubert adopts a unique metal telescopic pipe structure, which is used to fill the steam box of the molding machine with steam and discharge condensate. This is a fully sealed interlocking system with tension wheels to change the increasing demand for fatigue testing machines in the market, without any hoses and hose joints that are easy to wear and break. Therefore, it is very safe, maintenance free and long service life

an important feature for testing the mechanical properties of materials ----- straight flow of steam. The short steam flow path has no twists and turns, and there is no too much noise in the production workshop, which can reduce steam loss, save costs, fill steam faster, and improve production efficiency. (end)

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