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Tetrabromobisphenol A reduction action is imminent, and development is imminent.

tetrabromobisphenol A is the brominated flame retardant with the largest output and consumption in the world at present. It is widely used as a reactive flame retardant to manufacture brominated epoxy resin, phenolic resin and brominated polycarbonate. With the rapid expansion of domestic production capacity, an environmental change is brewing, and it is urgent to vigorously develop downstream products and new application fields

On January 13 this year, the Norwegian pollution control agency published the latest version of the action plan for brominated flame retardants, aiming to significantly reduce the emission of brominated flame retardants in 2010 and completely eliminate the emission of brominated flame retardants by 2020. Brominated flame retardants mainly refer to five products such as tetrabromobisphenol a

according to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, the revised action plan determines the research and development priorities in the next few years, including the application of brominated flame retardants in thermal insulation materials used in the construction industry, as well as the use of brominated flame retardants in electrical and electronic products and textiles

it is reported that the international environmental protection organization is also preparing to include tetrabromobisphenol A in the pops (persistent organic pollutants) list, which means that the parties should phase out and reduce the production, sale and use of such chemicals according to the schedule. Developing countries can extend the control of emission reduction for 5 to 10 years according to the industrial situation

experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that in the next 10-15 years, the pressure of reducing emissions of tetrabromobisphenol A by $592million in tax relief in China is relatively small, but it should be fully foreseen that with the gradual progress of the restriction of tetrabromobisphenol A in the European Union and even the world, China, which has a huge flame retardant market, will be the main sales or re production place of the world's major tetrabromobisphenol A producers. At the same time, the global prohibition of such products has become a trend. Therefore, it is very urgent to vigorously adjust the industrial structure and expand new application fields for the development of the industry, especially to increase the R & D process of flame retardants such as octabromoether and brominated epoxy resin, which are downstream products with more development prospects, and to take precautions is a necessary measure to deal with the future reduction plan. Fortunately, at present, large domestic production enterprises have begun to seek the development of downstream products

According to experts from China epoxy resin industry association, as a representative product of brominated flame retardants, the European Union has conducted a risk assessment on the impact of tetrabromobisphenol A on human health and the environment for up to eight years when users choose tensile testing machines. Among them, the risk assessment of human health impact was completed in March, 2005, and no risk was found; The assessment of the environmental part was completed in June, 2007, and it was found that if the sediment containing tetrabromobisphenol A was mixed with agricultural soil, it would cause certain environmental risks. However, due to the rapid expansion of the production scope of tetrabromobisphenol A users in Europe, the sediments of factories are usually transported 8. No matter when they are burned in incinerators or landfilled under monitoring, the environmental risk to soil is very small. In addition, tetrabromobisphenol A has not been found to be at risk in other cases

after the EU successively released the results of these two assessments and did not make any restrictions, the market price of tetrabromobisphenol A rebounded strongly and a large number of orders poured into China. During this period, many enterprises of different sizes in China have launched, and their production capacity has expanded rapidly, especially in Shandong and Tianjin

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